Horse Care

Marquis Ranch is an Authorized and Licensed Commercial Horse Stable here in Bermuda. Our operation falls under the remit of various Government Ministries/Departments.

Our drivers and vehicles including carriages are licensed by The Bermuda Transport Control Department. Our stables and facilities are inspected and licensed by the Government Veterinary Officer.

The care of our horses are regulated and governed by two main Bermuda Government Acts/Regulations:


These regulations are stringent however they are welcomed by us here at Marquis Ranch. We endeavor not only to just meet the basic standards listed in the regulations but to exceed them.

The regulations govern but are not limited to the care and housing of the horses including working periods for the horses.

Meet the supporting staff that work with Marquis Ranch and allow us to ensure that our horses get the best care possible:

Marquis Ranch’s Veterinarian
Dr. Dane K. Coombs is a Board Certified Specialist in Veterinary Internal Medicine of large domestic animals.

His specialization is horses. He has been part of our team for approximately 2 years and provides excellent veterinary care for all horses at Marquis Ranch as well as providing 24 hour emergency care as needed.

Dr. Coombs also advises on routine maintenance and management of the horses and is responsible for seasonal veterinary health checks on all our commercial horses prior to their work.

DKC Veterinary Services
#3 Bridle Hill Smiths

Marquis Ranch’s Farrier
Terceira and Sons is a family owned and operated business that has provided Farrier service to Bermuda’s Equine population for close to a century going back generations.

Working today in the family business are brothers Karl and Murray Terceira, certified farriers, who have taken over from their father Norman who took over from his father Fred. They provide an excellent Farriering service that includes shoeing, hoof, joint and ligament care/advice.

Terceira and Sons
The Forge’
Jubilee Road Devonshire

Marquis Ranch’s Equine Dentist
Yes Folks: The horses have to go to the Dentist. Well in their case the Dentist comes to them and instead of getting a lolly pop if they are good when they’re done they get a carrot.

Myrna Outerbridge of Equine Dental Bermuda is a certified Equine Dentist who provides excellent Equine Dental service to our horses.

Equine Dental Bermuda
PO HM 581